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How to Reject a Job Applicant

July 17, 2019

Being direct may not be the best route. When hiring for a position it is not uncommon to have to let applicants know that they were not chosen for the job. But what do you say when the applicant would like more information about why they weren’t chosen? This white paper reviews the value in acting politely vague and why saying “no” to the request can keep you out of a heated conversation.

Dream Big Goals

June 26, 2019

How high should you aim? How far do you want to take your sales? Only you can answer that question but, more importantly, you must first ask yourself that question. Oftentimes salespeople are content with their sales goals but they are only looking at short-term goals and are missing out on setting long-term goals. This white paper discusses why it’s important to dream big and take stock in your sales career and make sure your future plans are clear.

Who's Your CMO (Chief Morale Officer)?

June 5, 2019

HINT: Look in the Mirror! Leaders find themselves wearing many hats. Employees look to leaders as a focal point for how things are going in the company, both in good times and in trying times. Leaders have to stay the course and keep a calm appearance and remain optimistic. This white paper reviews one of the many hats that a leader needs to keep on straight – the role of the chief morale officer.

Employee Motivation: People Are Not Pets

May 29, 2019

Do incentives work or not? Employees are motivated by many different things. Oftentimes they are offered rewards for being more motivated or showing more motivation on the job. However, a recent article explains that when people are rewarded for accomplishing something, they also are likely to lose enthusiasm in what it was that needed to be done to get the reward. Incentives may help achieve a short-term goal but will it help in the long run? This white paper reviews why the common thought of giving treats for tricks doesn’t work the same way for people as it does for pets.

What Good Managers Know About Holding Their Sales Team Accountable

May 8, 2019

Do you know the key to sales training success? Every employee has their own idea of what makes a good manager however not everyone’s idea is what is best for the team. In the world of sales the proof of a good manager is a successful sales quarter every time. There are many pieces of the puzzle to create such a level of success. This white paper reviews what being a good manager looks like and how to increase accountability in the workplace.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing?

May 8, 2019

Do more than rely on a gut feeling. Does your company use pre-employment testing when going through the hiring process? Why not? There is an abundance of evidence of the benefits that pre-employment testing can provide a company. This white paper reviews some important reasons to use pre-employment testing and provides answers to the questions most managers and executives have regarding employment tests.

Hiring Highly Motivated Employees Using Employment Testing

May 1, 2019

What are your misconceptions about employee motivation? What company wouldn’t want to increase their odds of hiring a highly motivated employee? Pre-employment testing can help reveal details about potential employees including what motivates them. And it’s not always money like most managers think. This white paper reviews pre-employment testing and how it can help a manager see what position would be the best fit for the potential employee.

Global Talent Stream

April 24, 2019

Fast-track work permits to fuel Canada's innovation strategy. The Global Talent Stream began in June 2017 and lets skilled workers, which have an arranged employment within an in-demand position, to secure a work permit once their eligibility is approved. This white paper reviews this program and explains how the Global Talent Stream offers a potential route to employees to continue working within the organization in North America.

Know Your Why: Become an Ultimate Sales Pro

April 17, 2019

What keeps ultimate sales pros motivated? Salespeople want to do their job to the best of their ability. But a job in sales isn’t always easy and if you have been in sales for a while you already know that to be true. So what exactly is it that keeps salespeople going and turns them into an ultimate sales professional? In this white paper our author, Paul Cherry, provides two answers to that questions and explains how to know your why.

The Voice - It's the Front Line of Customer Service

March 27, 2019

Is your company providing value-added service? Unfortunately customers learn the hard way whether or not a company is willing to provide value-added service. When a customer calls they have a certain level of expectation regarding the outcome of the call. When a customer service team provides more than what the customer expected there is gem - value-added service. This white paper reviews how choice of words and tone of voice can make or break a customer exchange and provides tips on how to become a better communicator.