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HR White Papers

White Papers from leading HR experts provide great insight and research on timely relevant HR topics.

Biometrics Liability on the Rise - Free

April 22, 2020

Are you Covered? The floodgates were opened for moving ahead private causes of action in early 2019, when the Illinois Supreme Court found that no proof of actual injury or damage beyond technical infringement was necessary to state a claim under the Biometric Information Privacy Act. As anticipated, coverage disputes pertaining to BIPA class actions are appearing. This white paper reviews how allegations in underlying class actions and coverage provisions in policies can vary widely and discusses coverage for biometrics and case law.

Three Estate Planning Alternatives for the Family Vacation Home - Free

April 15, 2020

There’s no place like a vacation home. Are your clients aware of the different estate planning technique options when it comes to planning for the family vacation home? This white paper will look specifically at three approaches to planning for the family vacation home, a tenancy in common subject to an ownership agreement, an irrevocable trust, and a limited liability company.

How to Calm Your Brain During Any Storm - Free

April 15, 2020

There is a major storm we are all facing today. Being faced with the recent pandemic situation many people are under incredible amounts of stress. When someone is overly stressed, the chemistry in their brain changes and that can cause problems. There is a major storm in our economy today. Understandably, this situation results in many entrepreneurs feeling very stressed. When stress causes the chemistry in our brains to change our problem-solving abilities are reduced, and our judgment is greatly diminished. This white paper reviews why this is no state to be in when making important decisions about your business or your life and offers simple steps to begin to relax and reduce the effects of stress on the brain.

An Overview of Microsoft® Access - Free

February 19, 2020

What is a database program? A computer database program is a tool that allows you to manipulate and retrieve the information stored in your database tables. A relational database management system such as Microsoft® Access allows you to combine information from two or more tables using related fields. This gives you a very powerful way of manipulating your data. This white paper reviews objects within Microsoft® Access that helps to manage your data and design your database.

Volunteer Background Check Best Practices: Background Screening - Free

February 12, 2020

Name-Based Searches vs. Fingerprinting Nonprofit organizations that conduct background checks on prospective volunteers should be in compliance with federal and state laws that govern obtaining and using such information. By listening to and reading the news, one might think that a fingerprint database is out there for organizations to use when doing background searches, such as the FBI database. However, organizations must remember the original reason behind that database was for the use of law enforcement, not for use as a tool for background screening. While using the fingerprint database results can be a valuable part of an extensive background check; this this white paper reviews why it’s crucial to recognize the imperfections in the system and why name-based searches should continue to be an essential part of any background check.

Understanding Your City's Energy Resources - Free

February 5, 2020

Does your city incorporate energy planning into local policies? In order to devote effort to local energy issues, local governments have to understand community energy use and prepare for energy resources, markets, and technologies evolving over time. This white paper reviews the importance of planning for a community’s energy future by understanding the current conditions of local energy use and identifying the valuable local energy resources for which there are, or could soon be, development opportunities.

Software and Software Support Contracts - Free

January 29, 2020

Are your software projects completed on-time and on-budget? According to a 2015 study, only 29% of software projects were completed on-time and on-budget; and for larger companies only 18% of projects were on-time and on-budget. So who is responsible? The description of services included in the software contract is perhaps the most important term of the contract. On the other hand, the description of services, and ambiguity with it, is the most common source of litigation as well. This white paper reviews the importance is defining what should be included in your next software contract.

Impact of Final Regulations & Proposed Regulations for Additional First Year Depreciation Deduction - Free

January 22, 2020

These regulations provided taxpayers with some clarity but questions remain. The IRS and Treasury Department issued the final regulations specifying guidance in regard to additional first year bonus depreciation deductions under section 168(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. As much as these regulations, issued in September 2019, cleared up some questions and provided clarity; some concerns remain. This white paper reviews some of those concerns and discusses some of the topics that the regulations provided clarity on and how taxpayers may apply the regulations.

Sharing Data Between Microsoft® Office Programs - Free

January 22, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages from program to program? Choosing one Microsoft® program over another can be one of the most important decisions you make in the process of creating a document. Each program has unique strengths and advantages for different types of documents. Planning out in advance what you will do with the information and how you will use it will help you to choose the most appropriate method. This white paper reviews questions to ask yourself to make sure you are using the program best for your project and offer insight on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

WSIB’s Rate Framework Reform - $7.00 Free for Silver Members Free for Gold Members 

January 22, 2020

The countdown continues. There are two new policies that give effect to the RF changes and replace policies that will become redundant in the new system. The first is Policy 14-02-01 Employer Level Premium Rate Setting and the second is Policy 14-02-06 Employer Premium Adjustments. The WSIB made these policies available in advance to assist employers in understanding and preparing for the RF. This white paper is the second part in the series of updates and insights to assist Schedule 1 employers with the transition to the new WSIB Rate Framework.