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HR White Papers

White Papers from leading HR experts provide great insight and research on timely relevant HR topics.

Impact of Final Regulations & Proposed Regulations for Additional First Year Depreciation Deduction - Free

January 22, 2020

These regulations provided taxpayers with some clarity but questions remain. The IRS and Treasury Department issued the final regulations specifying guidance in regard to additional first year bonus depreciation deductions under section 168(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. As much as these regulations, issued in September 2019, cleared up some questions and provided clarity; some concerns remain. This white paper reviews some of those concerns and discusses some of the topics that the regulations provided clarity on and how taxpayers may apply the regulations.

Sharing Data Between Microsoft® Office Programs - Free

January 22, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages from program to program? Choosing one Microsoft® program over another can be one of the most important decisions you make in the process of creating a document. Each program has unique strengths and advantages for different types of documents. Planning out in advance what you will do with the information and how you will use it will help you to choose the most appropriate method. This white paper reviews questions to ask yourself to make sure you are using the program best for your project and offer insight on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

WSIB’s Rate Framework Reform - $7.00 Free for Silver Members Free for Gold Members 

January 22, 2020

The countdown continues. There are two new policies that give effect to the RF changes and replace policies that will become redundant in the new system. The first is Policy 14-02-01 Employer Level Premium Rate Setting and the second is Policy 14-02-06 Employer Premium Adjustments. The WSIB made these policies available in advance to assist employers in understanding and preparing for the RF. This white paper is the second part in the series of updates and insights to assist Schedule 1 employers with the transition to the new WSIB Rate Framework.

The Importance of Graphics in Commercial Litigation - Free

January 15, 2020

Visual aids could help open the door to juror persuasion. Research shows that the old saying of seeing is believing is true when it comes to visual aids. Visuals can lessen learning time, enhance comprehension, and boost retention; and studies indicate that individuals only recall about 10% of information that is presented aurally in a 12-hour period. This white paper reviews how the use of visual aids can help retention rates for jurors who have decisions to make days, weeks and sometimes longer after evidence has been given to them.

The Ethics of Hold Harmless and Indemnification - Free

January 1, 2020

What, me worry? In 1952, Americans were introduced to the fictional character Alfred E. Neuman in Mad magazine. Since that time, the carefree, and often reckless attitude of Mr. Neuman is characterized by the phrase, “What, Me Worry?” To some extent, this slaphappy attitude persists in our legal landscape today as attorneys attempt to deal with the scan-dalon known as the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. In order to avoid these issues, it has become common practice to place hold harmless/indemnification clauses in settlement agreements in an attempt to expedite the settlement process. As a result, state and local bar associations have taken note along with lawyer professional responsibility boards. This white paper reviews recent ethics decisions regarding these matters and highlights efforts in West Virginia to limit the use of such agreements.

U.S. Forest Service Proposes to Revise NEPA Regulations - Free

December 4, 2019

Draft guidance could be available as early as 2020. A proposed rule was issued by the U.S. Forest Service to revise it’s regulations implementing NEPA. This was released in June 2019, more than 10 years since the regulations had been updated last. This white paper reviews the proposed rule which is part of a recent federal effort to increase the efficiency of environmental analyses.

Alignment of Title Reports and Land Surveys - Survey Review - Free

November 27, 2019

Review important features of the survey. The value of a survey, if complete and accurate and obtained sufficiently in advance of the closing of the sale or financing transaction, is that it enhances the practical capacity of the parties to make an objective analysis of the risk of the existence of encroachments and of conflicts in boundary lines. In appropriate cases, the survey may also make it possible for the parties to obtain more specific or expanded title insurance coverage than would otherwise be possible. This white paper reviews how a survey can help to spot issue and addresses building setback lines and restrictions.

The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Content Marketing - Free

November 20, 2019

Does your firm invest in content marketing? Developing regular, quality content is crucial to the success of your law firm’s marketing efforts. The best approach to get your ideas and insights seen by your audience is through law firm content marketing. This white paper reviews how sharing and promoting your ideas will benefit your law firm by gaining trust and developing influence with prospects.

Conducting Effective Witness Interviews - The Process of Preparation - Free

November 13, 2019

Preparation has many meanings, depending upon one's point of view. Counsel's preparation of the case, much like the ringmaster of a three ring circus, entails knowing the seemingly infinite details of the case yet being able to maintain an overview of the entire action. Preparation for a deposition or an interview entails many of the same characteristics of preparation of the entire case, but on a more limited scale. Each witness occupies a role in the case. Part of the interview or deposition is to ascertain how broad or limited that role is. Whether you are meeting the witness in the cozy confines of counsel's office or in the more formalistic setting of a deposition, counsel's tasks remain the same: to determine what the witness knows which is relevant to the case; to ready the witness to testify; and to ensure that the witness understands the process. This white paper reviews details behind setting up the witness meeting and interview; and discusses key concerns and practice questions.

Job Costing for Small Construction Companies - Free

November 6, 2019

The Key to Profitability Job costing connects the money spent on a job against the money collected to complete the job and tracks all the costs related to the job to determine its profitability. A typical misconception about job costing is that it is only for large contractors with many employees. Keeping track of these costs and expenditures takes extra time and work for contractors and field workers, and oftentimes construction company owners don’t experience an immediate benefit. In fact, some contracting businesses haven’t put job costing procedures in place despite the financial risks. This white paper reviews costs involved in creating helpful job costing reports that can help companies understand the value of investing time into job costing.