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HR White Papers

White Papers from leading HR experts provide great insight and research on timely relevant HR topics.

What Good Managers Know About Holding Their Sales Team Accountable - Free

May 8, 2019

Do you know the key to sales training success? Every employee has their own idea of what makes a good manager however not everyone’s idea is what is best for the team. In the world of sales the proof of a good manager is a successful sales quarter every time. There are many pieces of the puzzle to create such a level of success. This white paper reviews what being a good manager looks like and how to increase accountability in the workplace.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing? - Free

May 8, 2019

Do more than rely on a gut feeling. Does your company use pre-employment testing when going through the hiring process? Why not? There is an abundance of evidence of the benefits that pre-employment testing can provide a company. This white paper reviews some important reasons to use pre-employment testing and provides answers to the questions most managers and executives have regarding employment tests.

Hiring Highly Motivated Employees Using Employment Testing - Free

May 1, 2019

What are your misconceptions about employee motivation? What company wouldn’t want to increase their odds of hiring a highly motivated employee? Pre-employment testing can help reveal details about potential employees including what motivates them. And it’s not always money like most managers think. This white paper reviews pre-employment testing and how it can help a manager see what position would be the best fit for the potential employee.

Global Talent Stream - Free

April 24, 2019

Fast-track work permits to fuel Canada's innovation strategy. The Global Talent Stream began in June 2017 and lets skilled workers, which have an arranged employment within an in-demand position, to secure a work permit once their eligibility is approved. This white paper reviews this program and explains how the Global Talent Stream offers a potential route to employees to continue working within the organization in North America.

Know Your Why: Become an Ultimate Sales Pro - Free

April 17, 2019

What keeps ultimate sales pros motivated? Salespeople want to do their job to the best of their ability. But a job in sales isn’t always easy and if you have been in sales for a while you already know that to be true. So what exactly is it that keeps salespeople going and turns them into an ultimate sales professional? In this white paper our author, Paul Cherry, provides two answers to that questions and explains how to know your why.

The Voice - It's the Front Line of Customer Service - Free

March 27, 2019

Is your company providing value-added service? Unfortunately customers learn the hard way whether or not a company is willing to provide value-added service. When a customer calls they have a certain level of expectation regarding the outcome of the call. When a customer service team provides more than what the customer expected there is gem - value-added service. This white paper reviews how choice of words and tone of voice can make or break a customer exchange and provides tips on how to become a better communicator.

Mistakes to Avoid When Conducting Witness Interviews - $3.00 Free for Silver Members Free for Gold Members 

March 27, 2019

Everyone makes mistakes ... not preparing your client shouldn't be one of them. Hopefully, one learns from their mistakes and does not repeat them. An excellent opportunity, during the interview process, is to share the common mistakes made by witnesses with your interviewee. While, admittedly, the witness has a lot to consider, and these are just one more layer superimposed upon all the other things discussed during the interview, it is likely that the witness will embrace most of the concepts discussed. This white paper reviews the most egregious mistake is that of failure to prepare the witness beforehand; and discusses how to avoid that happening.

Disciplining Disabled Students in Compliance with Section 504 - Free

February 6, 2019

Disabled students are generally subject to a school’s disciplinary codes. Section 504 requires school districts to consider a student’s disability before disciplining the student under its generally applicable disciplinary policies. This includes considering whether it should exempt a disabled students from its disciplinary code and a requirement that public schools conduct manifestation reviews before suspending a student from more than ten consecutive days. This white paper reviews why a student’s disability does not necessarily mean the student is exempt from compliance with a school’s disciplinary policies or code of conduct; and discusses Section 504 and extracurricular athletics.

Who Killed Project Management? - Free

November 14, 2018

A Baker’s Dozen of Project Management Do’s and Don’ts Whether your project is producing the annual department meeting, building a stretch of the Interstate, or creating software for the next Mars rover, the fundamental rules of good project management always apply. Read this white paper and receive project management do’s and don’ts to help your project run smoothly.

Does the Internet Vendor Sell Items Subject to Destination State's Sales and Use Tax? - Free

November 7, 2018

Sales and use taxes arise from state law and vary from state to state. Sales and use taxes arise from state law and vary from state to state. A few states – such as New Hampshire and Oregon – have chosen not to impose a general sales or use tax at all. Other states have elected to tax not only sales or rentals of tangible personal property, but also virtually every type of business transaction, including services. Other states fall somewhere in the middle. This white paper reviews software and information services purchases.