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The Owner-Contractor Agreement: Termination and Suspension

June 10, 2020

Become familiar with how termination and suspension of projects fit in the AIA owner-contractor agreement. Termination is a draconian remedy for any party because the damages “boomerang” upon the party who is legally wrong after it is all sorted out. Because of the risk, lawyers typically bend over backwards to avoid a termination. Often there is a rush to judgment. Care must be taken before a termination is executed. This white paper reviews termination for cause and suspension of work, including damages for contractor’s and owner’s termination.

Attempts to End Qualified Immunity

June 10, 2020

Review this front burner topic under Section 1983. The qualified immunity defense is under attack from the left and the right. In articles, symposia, and amicus briefs, liberal law professors, the ACLU, plaintiffs’ public interest law groups, and even the libertarian Cato Institute, have identified perceived deficiencies in the defense and called for its elimination. This white paper reviews recent case law involving this topic and the outcomes.

How to Have Effective Communication About Billing and Receivables

June 3, 2020

Don't be afraid to communicate. Effective communication is important in everything, but in matters of money and health matters, it is vital that you are clear. When having meetings with providers about money matters, there are a few things to keep in mind. This white paper reviews three tips to keep communication clear.

Marijuana, Gambling, Virtual Currencies, and Payday Lending

May 27, 2020

Learn how the financial industry can avoid the compliance pitfalls. Today’s bank must consider nontraditional banking services in areas that were once considered outside the banking zone; products such as virtual currency, payday lending and marijuana-related businesses. However, too few resources to learn about these services can result from many different sources. This white paper reviews this areas including training, software used for monitoring, compliance officers overburdened, too much unnecessary information, and misaligned compliance.

Documentation Requirements for Legal Decision Making

May 6, 2020

Not all employers keep proper records. Keeping good records is one of the most important responsibilities of any HR manager and company owner. Unfortunately, many of these individuals fail to keep adequate records and as a result, they are unable to make effective hiring, firing, and other decisions that need proper documentation. Fortunately, this is something that can easily be changed. This white paper reviews some of the essential elements to good recordkeeping.

Police Misconduct Update: Arrests

May 6, 2020

Review facial recognition technology and the effects of legalizing marijuana. Law enforcement has compared file photos with video footage through facial recognition technology to make arrests, but some say the use of the technology is going too far. The civil rights practitioner is likely in the future to be involved in an arrest assisted in part by the use of facial recognition technology. This white paper reviews mistaken identity arrests and also discusses the effects of legalizing marijuana and searches of vehicles and occupants.

Biometrics Liability on the Rise

April 22, 2020

Are you Covered? The floodgates were opened for moving ahead private causes of action in early 2019, when the Illinois Supreme Court found that no proof of actual injury or damage beyond technical infringement was necessary to state a claim under the Biometric Information Privacy Act. As anticipated, coverage disputes pertaining to BIPA class actions are appearing. This white paper reviews how allegations in underlying class actions and coverage provisions in policies can vary widely and discusses coverage for biometrics and case law.

Three Estate Planning Alternatives for the Family Vacation Home

April 15, 2020

There’s no place like a vacation home. Are your clients aware of the different estate planning technique options when it comes to planning for the family vacation home? This white paper will look specifically at three approaches to planning for the family vacation home, a tenancy in common subject to an ownership agreement, an irrevocable trust, and a limited liability company.

How to Calm Your Brain During Any Storm

April 15, 2020

There is a major storm we are all facing today. Being faced with the recent pandemic situation many people are under incredible amounts of stress. When someone is overly stressed, the chemistry in their brain changes and that can cause problems. There is a major storm in our economy today. Understandably, this situation results in many entrepreneurs feeling very stressed. When stress causes the chemistry in our brains to change our problem-solving abilities are reduced, and our judgment is greatly diminished. This white paper reviews why this is no state to be in when making important decisions about your business or your life and offers simple steps to begin to relax and reduce the effects of stress on the brain.

An Overview of Microsoft® Access

February 19, 2020

What is a database program? A computer database program is a tool that allows you to manipulate and retrieve the information stored in your database tables. A relational database management system such as Microsoft® Access allows you to combine information from two or more tables using related fields. This gives you a very powerful way of manipulating your data. This white paper reviews objects within Microsoft® Access that helps to manage your data and design your database.