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Global Performance Indicators

April 1, 2021

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that globally one worker dies and 153 others are injured every minute. The economic cost of this is unimaginable. Now more than ever, organizations need to realize that a proactive approach to workplace safety is more than just investing in productivity – it’s a demonstrated commitment to employees, shareholders and consumers. This white paper analyzes safety metrics from 87,000+ suppliers around the globe, giving valuable benchmark data to companies determined to succeed. Download this white paper and you will learn: Health and safety KPIs from across the globe Benchmark numbers to compare against Recommendations on how to improve

Calculating Costs and the Value of a Construction Bookkeeping System

February 24, 2021

Can your company save time and money with outsourcing your bookkeeping? Construction owners know that bookkeeping is an important part of owning a business. Running monthly and quarterly reports, processing payroll, and paying taxes may all become overwhelming. Contractors may want to spend their time putting together bids and managing their job sites rather than dealing with all of the reporting required to keep a business going. This white paper reviews the importance of finding the right construction bookkeeping system for your company.

Resolving Common Real Estate Title Problems

February 17, 2021

Understand how litigation involving certain causes of action has the potential to affect the title of a party to the action. Defects or encumbrances that result in unmarketability of the title to real estate defy generalization and involve any number of situations. This white paper provides a brief discussion of several examples for which resolution without curative litigation is unlikely and discusses how title insurance can be a solution or an enhancement in these situations.

Force Majeure Clauses in Purchase Agreements

February 3, 2021

Force majeure clauses – does your agreement need one? Parties should not assume that they always need a force majeure clause. Sometimes, these clauses don’t add anything to what the law already provides, and they can actually take away rights that parties get automatically. Without such a clause, contracting parties automatically get the benefit of two related gap-filler doctrines that can excuse a party's obligations when an unanticipated, supervening event fundamentally alters the nature of the parties' contract: impossibility, or as it is commonly called nowadays, impracticability, and frustration of purpose. This white paper reviews gap-filler doctrines and discusses tips for drafting force majeure clauses.

6 Ways to Protect Your Business From Financial Hardship

February 3, 2021

Learn six areas that an organization must review to create the foundation that protects it from financial hardship. There will always be recurring issues that can affect a business and the recent pandemic and political disagreements have definitely been part of those issues. There also are issues that affect business each day that individuals and even business owners are not discussing and even dismissing. This white paper reviews these issues that can impact the financial health of any organization.

Creative Business Techniques in Ordinary Time

December 30, 2020

Learn rules for credibility. There are many accreditations and different degrees of education necessary for insurance entrepreneurs and business owners, however one thing that is often not thoroughly taught is business development. This white paper reviews the importance of creating distinction in your business which can build a better company and a better future for you.

Employment Discrimination Issues in the Administration of Telecommuting Arrangements

November 18, 2020

Make sure that you aren’t managing a telecommuting program in a discriminatory manner. Any telecommuting plan or arrangement must be carried out without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, color, religion or other prohibited basis. While this may seem obvious, some employers have implemented telecommuting arrangements which clearly had either a disparate impact on female employees or resulted in disparate treatment of female employees. This white paper reviews cases where this occurred and discusses other areas of concern relating to telecommuting and cross-border issues.

How to Break Down Silos Through Training

November 11, 2020

Learn why restructuring doesn't solve the problem. For many companies, silos are an ever-present dilemma. And the larger and more complex the company is the more the silos tend to be focused on their own goals and priorities. They can close off cross-functional communications and cooperation, stockpile resources for themselves, and at times can be inflexible in meeting requirements of the modern organization. This white paper reviews why breaking down these ineffective silos must become a priority.

Purpose and Nature of Title Insurance

November 11, 2020

What Is Title Insurance? Title insurance is a contract of indemnity that obligates the title insurer to pay loss as defined by the policy. Case law has also deemed title insurance as used to “indemnify the insured for impairment of its interest due to failure of title as guaranteed in the title insurance report." This white paper reviews what title insurance is, what type of risks does the policy indemnify or protect and discusses negotiation of risks that are known vs. assumption of risks unknown.

When Good Service Representatives Do Bad Things

September 9, 2020

Don't take your customers for granted. Interesting when the economy does well how customers can be taken for granted with so many customers to choose from, organizations quickly forget those that placed them in their current state - customers. Ironically, the cost of acquisition to keep a client is less costly than trying to find a new one. This white paper discusses how delivering an experience that is satisfying to customers drives both repeat visits and improved profitability.