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6 Little-Known Reasons Value Added Marketing Will Boost Your Direct Mail Response Rate

September 25, 2019

Use this effective tool to boost response rates. Direct mail prospects can be particularly difficult to market to in this age of skepticism. They already automatically identify that they are being sold something and, in that mindset, it’s probable that they won’t want to uncover what you are offering. This white paper discusses how value added marketing can help to change that mindset and increase your response rate.

Minnesota’s Stearns County Provides a Unique National Example of a

September 18, 2019

As solar development expands across the Midwest, and the country, local governments are facing new challenges that go along with the significant opportunities and benefits of developing their solar resources. This white paper reviews how Stearns County in central Minnesota is a leading example for the nation of how local governments can engage their community in developing plans and regulations for harnessing their solar resource.

Are Job Applicants Fooling You During the Interview?

September 18, 2019

Learn to spot the tricks. Some job applicants can become quite good at fooling even the most experience job interviewer. These applicants create a wonderful first impression during the interview; and then they get hired and start working and that first impression is hard to spot as they fall short of the expectation. This white paper reviews why interviewing should be the third step in the hiring process; and provides techniques to put to use at your next interview.

Failed Drug Test

September 18, 2019

Diet Coke and a Poppy Seed Muffin First was the poppy seed muffin argument for a failed drug test. Now companies better fasten their seatbelts for the next chapter in employment-based drug screening following Coca-Cola’s recent product announcement. Coca-Cola recently revealed that they were taking a look at a cannabidiol-infused line of beverages. This white paper discusses what companies will do if faced with the possibility of cannabidiol soda on the market?

International Enforcement is an IRS Priority

September 11, 2019

Immigrants are particularly vulnerable. There is a group of taxpayer’s dealing with international penalties; immigrants are especially exposed and find themselves vulnerable to international penalties for assorted ways of failing to file information returns, and not disclosing all gifts or inheritances. This white paper reviews the importance of reporting and disclosing foreign holdings.

When Should New Hires Receive Mandatory Training?

September 11, 2019

New hires have a lot to learn. Do you want your new hires to be successful in their jobs? The answer to that is easy – of course you do. Is there a plan in place to train your new hires, and does that plan include when the best time is to provide mandatory training? The answer to that might not be as easy to decide. This white paper reviews three things to consider before deciding the right time to deliver mandatory training.

Keeping Portfolio Costs Low

September 4, 2019

The burden of portfolio costs can be tremendous. When portfolio costs come straight from the pockets of the investor, with the two main costs involving the expense ratio of the mutual funds or ETFs and the fees being charged by the advisors, the attention to keeping those costs as low as possible should be consistently emphasized. This white paper reviews where to start in managing the costs and how reducing costs can impact the portfolio.

Conflicts of Interest

September 4, 2019

Failure to comply with rules of professional conduct may result in discipline. Conflict rules are designed to foster the duty of loyalty the lawyer must have for the client and the exercise of independent judgment. The rules address conflicts as three different categories: conflicts between existing clients; conflicts that exist with former clients; and, conflicts that exist because of the type or subject matter of the contemplated transaction or relationship. This white paper reviews the basic rules regarding conflicts contained in Rules 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9.

Standards for Use of Opiates in Treatment of Pain Changes in Ohio

August 28, 2019

New rules establish significant changes. New regulations became effective late last year in Ohio, marking more change in the legal standards which control provider use of opiates for pain treatment. These regulations oust the previous law and combine standards for opiate use for non-acute pain while establishing changes to the provider approach to the use of these medications, as well as specific documentation requirements. Download this white paper for a review of these changes.

New Massachusetts Bills Propose Telehealth Insurance Coverage, Practice Standards

August 7, 2019

Telehealth laws continue to gain support. There continues to be a supportive push and backing for telehealth commercial coverage laws throughout the U.S. The laws are being created to assure that covered health insurance place members are allowed to use all aspects of their benefits both in-person and virtually. This white paper reviews current legislation filed for five new telehealth bills.