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OnDemand Course: Best Practices for Employee Giving Programs

Best Practices for Employee Giving Programs

Learn how to implement a successful employee giving program that will benefit all parties involved.More and more companies are recognizing the important role employee giving and volunteer programs have in building and...

OnDemand Course: Successful Employee Orientation Programs

Successful Employee Orientation Programs

Learn how to onboard employees with the organizational information they need to be successful.Employee satisfaction or buyer's remorse? How will your new hires feel in 6 months?

OnDemand Course: Preparing for Employee's Return-to-Work

Preparing for Employee's Return-to-Work

Learn how implementing a successful return- to-work program can help employees returning from leave get back into the swing of things.Employees taking leave for medical reasons create a special challenge for employers,...

OnDemand Course: Employee Theft and Misappropriation: How to Stem the Tide

Employee Theft and Misappropriation: How to Stem the Tide

Develop a sound program that helps protect your company from employee theft. The cost of employee theft and its drain upon all organizations - not only in dollars but also in time, effort, employee morale and client...

OnDemand Course: Employee Attendance Policy Best Practices

Employee Attendance Policy Best Practices

Learn how to implement effective attendance policies to cut down on employee absenteeism costs for your company.The costs associated with employee absenteeism can be astronomical.

OnDemand Course: Writing An Employee Handbook

Writing An Employee Handbook

Find out how to create an effective and legally compliant handbook that works best for your company.Are you overwhelmed with the task of revising your existing employee handbook or of preparing a new employee handbook?

OnDemand Course: How To Increase Employee Access to Mental Health Benefits

How To Increase Employee Access to Mental Health Benefits

A growing number of employees are living with mental health and substance use issues that impact their productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism and are costing employers billions of dollars annually.

OnDemand Course: Nonresident Employee Withholding

Nonresident Employee Withholding

Protect yourself from taxation issues when dealing with employees working in multiple states.When having employees working in multiple states it can be difficult to know what to consider to make sure that the correct...

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OnDemand Course: Employee Benefits During Leave of Absence

Employee Benefits During Leave of Absence

It is critical for employers to understand when and how they are required to continue employee benefits while an employee is out on leave, and when they are not required--or even permitted--to do so.

OnDemand Course: Creating Successful Employee Surveys

Creating Successful Employee Surveys

Get updated on employee survey trends and implications and how to use them to help your organization identify opportunities for improvement.Employee surveys help organizations identify opportunities to improve their...

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