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Protected Class Laws and Regulations: Challenges for Employers in 2022

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

Learn how to identify protected classes, both historical and novel, for a 2022 workplace.Employers have faced a cascade of ever-increasing legal obligations since the beginning of the pandemic alone. Federal and state legislatures, and executive agencies, have adopted new protected classes beyond those traditionally enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state-level equivalents. Beyond traditionally protected classes, like race, color, age, national origin, gender, disability, and the like, federal and state laws nationwide may now explicitly or implicitly protect additional categories like vaccination status, religious objections to vaccination, childcare obligations, hairstyle, gender identity, and expression, and many more. This course will help those responsible for compliance and workplace relations understand these novel issues in addressing protected classes and implement practical solutions based on real-world examples and case studies. This material will help you assess and respond to common problems faced by employers in 2022 to reduce risk and increase workplace inclusivity.


Stephen E. Baumann II, Littler Mendelson P.C. Iris Lozano, Littler Mendelson P.C.


Historical Protected Classes

• Protected Classes Under Federal Law

• Protected Classes Under State Law

• Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

New - and Newly Applied - Protected Classes

• New Classes Under Federal Law in 2022

• New Classes Under State (and Local Law) in 2022

Risks of Failing to Identify Issues Related to Protected Classes

• Recent, Real-World Examples of Issues Arising in 2022

• Statistics of Claims and Litigation in 2022

• The Impact on 2022 Workplaces

Risk-Adjusted Approaches to Protected Classes in 2022

• Approaches to Policies

• Approaches to Compliance

• Approaches to Employee Concerns

Key Compliance and Inclusiveness Takeaways for Employers in 2022

• Developing a Playbook for Addressing Protected Class Issues in 2022