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Stop Your Employees From Taking Unnecessary Risks

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn how to positively seek, engage, and empower your workers to stop taking unnecessary risks.Many employers view safety as a set of rules to be read and known, as opposed to a way of life for employees, a skill set embedded in the corporate workforce, and a set of everyday habits performed in all operations. They also do not understand how OSHA guidelines work, the consequences of noncompliance, and the mental processes that lead to unsafe work practices. This topic will help those responsible for environment, health, and safety in the corporate workplace understand how to address the problems of unsafe practices, changing the corporate mission and culture, to having meaningful policies in a work environment where every employee understands safety as a personal responsibility, and also feels free to call out unsafe practices and stop work when necessary. This material will also explain real-life examples of unsafe practices across a broad spectrum of industries and causes, so you can see how culture, policies, employee trainings, and worker attitudes can lead to unsafe practices or conversely be developed to create an environment of safety.


Mark L. Clark, Parsons McEntire McClearly PLLC


Safety Woven Into the Fabric of Your Company

• Safety Culture

• Everybody's Responsible for Safety

• Freedom to Exercise Stop Work Authority

Words Matter

• Safety as Part of the Corporate Mission

• Safety Policies, Bridging Agreements, and Government Regulations

• The Role of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS Personnel)


• Situational Awareness

• Fail Safe Protocols

• Habitual Safety in the Workplace

Real-World Problems - Real-World Solutions

• Explosions and Their Causes

• Standing in a Place No One Should Ever Stand

• Pitfalls and Hidden Employees