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Tips and Tricks for Legally Terminating an Employee

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Understand the law, and learn best practices that will protect you from facing legal actions brought by terminated employees.Many employers face liability when they terminate employees because they have not engaged in best practices from day one. Instead of understanding that all relationships can and often do come to an end and planning for the end at the beginning, employers instead consider employment in a more piecemeal approach, which often leaves them exposed to liability when the employment relationship comes to an end. Employers that have a clear understanding of the employment relationship from the onset of the working relationship (and even before that point) understand the employment laws at play and set clear policies and practices for their workplace. These employers see fewer lawsuits, can defend them when they do arise, and can peacefully terminate employees in a way to give all parties closure and the ability to move on. This topic will provide you with an understanding of the employment relationship at all stages, the applicable laws, best practices before, during, and after employment, how to conduct termination meetings, and the art of documentation.


Stephanie K. Rawitt, Clark Hill PLC


Making the Decision to Terminate an Employee

• Three Phases of Termination Defined

- Before

- During

- After

• Laws at Issue

• Employee at Will

Types of Terminations

• Voluntary

• Involuntary

The Termination Itself

• Termination Meeting

• After the Termination Meeting

Best Practices