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Increase Your Ability to Retain Millennials in the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn how to bridge the gap between millennials and millennial-minded older colleagues to create intergenerational cohesion in any team.By 2025, millennials (the generation born between 1980 and 2000) will make up 75% of the world's working population. While it is important not to generalize too much, millennials as a whole do possess characteristics and motivations that differ significantly from earlier generations in regards to the workplace. They have developed work characteristics and tendencies from doting parents, structured lives, contact with diverse people, and a barrage of technological advancements not experienced by older generations. To get the best from millennial employees, managers must understand these characteristics, and adapt their management style accordingly. This material will give you tools and strategies to help your company get ready to work with these young people whose values differ from their generational predecessors. In order to maintain employee retention and productivity and improve company services, businesses must understand the importance of the millennial generation in the workplace.


Larry Hammond Sr., V1H Consulting


Understanding the Generations

• Veterans/Traditionalist - 1928 - 1945

• Baby Boomers - 1946 - 1965

• Generation Xers - 1966 - 1979

• Millennials - 1980 - 2000

Why Millennials Are the Way That They Are

• Everything Faster

• Things Done for Them

• The Power of Information at Their Fingertips

• The Most Diverse Group

• The Most College Degrees

Strategies in the Workplace

• Provide More Flexibility

• Provide Opportunities to Make a Difference

• Provide for Professional Development Opportunities

• Provide Opportunities for a Collaborative Work Environment

How Millennials Will Change the Workplace

• Assert a Work With a Purpose Attitude

• They Will Embrace Change - They Are Not Afraid of It

• Demand Diversity and Inclusion

• Force Flexibility

• Require New Standards for Leadership

Creating a Happy Multigenerational Workplace

• Up-To-Date Technology

• Fair and Equitable Compensation

• Work-Life Balance

• Creative Collaborative Work Experiences

• Opportunities to Learn for Others

• Recognition