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Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Transactions: Employer Considerations

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Know the steps to consider in the merger and acquisition process and the general steps to consider in payroll due diligence.In the last decade there has been significant transaction activity, so much so, that most large to mid-size organizations have experienced, at minimum, a reorganization. Learn about the vital role that employment tax professionals play throughout the transaction timeline, and in particular, during due diligence, at the time of the event, and retroactively, through a lookback review. Gain an understanding of employment tax considerations in the due diligence process; wage base carryovers and how they can impact the bottom line; state unemployment insurance rate assignments and what can go wrong subsequent to a partial and total acquisition; the federal employment tax reporting mechanics connected to mergers and acquisitions; considerations in a lookback review and steps to consider in the process and the general steps to consider in a merger and acquisition work plan.


Niko Arhos, EY-Parthenon Lily Wu, EY-Parthenon


Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

• Employment Tax Process

• Compliance and Tax Overpayment Risks

Employment Tax

• Due Diligence Process

• Employment Tax Review

• Wage Limits

• Wage Base Carry Over

Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

• How Rates Are Assigned in Connection With a Total and Partial Acquisition

• Identify the Opportunity for a Retroactive SUI Rate Adjustment

Federal Employment Reporting Requirements

• Form 941-Schedule D

Lookback Review

• Limitations

• Processes

Identify the Elements of a Merger and Acquisition Employment Tax Work Plan