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Wage and Hour Law: Avoidance of Wage Theft Litigation

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Ensure wage and hour compliance and avoid wage theft.Federal and state wage and hour laws are nuanced and exacting and thus require expertise to avoid wage theft litigation. With the ever-increasing surge in federal and state Department of Labor investigations, as well as lawsuits filed by the private plaintiff's bar, it is critical that employers maintain lawful wage and hour policies and practices. This topic will assist employers in understanding how to prevent various forms of wage theft with federal and state wage and hour laws; and how to achieve best practices for implementing company policies in line with current regulations. This material is important for any employer, large or small, to ensure that its wage and hour practices do not run afoul of the law.


Jeffrey M. Landes, Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. Jeffrey H. Ruzal, Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.


Forms of Wage Theft: Payroll and Notice Peculiarities

• Computing Hours Worked: Common Mistakes and Wage Theft Red Flags

• Remote Work and Off-The-Clock Work

• Exempt vs. Nonexempt Employees

• State Payroll Deductions

• Withholding Pay at Separation

• Other Important Notice and Posting Requirements

Avoidance of Intern Misclassifications

• The Intern Exception: Guidance on Which Workers Qualify as Unpaid Interns Under the FLSA

• Important Case Law Regarding the Intern Exception

• Different Rules for Nonprofit Organizations and Public Sector Entities

• Practical Consideration for Implementing a Successful Internship Program

Ensuring Compliance With Recordkeeping Peculiarities to Prevent Wage Theft

• Including All Data Required by Law

• Preserving Records for the Requisite Time Periods

• State Law Peculiarities

• Other Best Practices

Properly Compensating Tipped Employees

• Providing Proper Tip Notice

• Ensuring Tip Credit Compliance

• Maintaining a Proper Tip Pool

• Instituting Lawful Service Charges or Administrative Fees

Proposed Department of Labor Regulations on Overtime and Exemptions

• Preparing for the Avoidance Misclassification Law Suits