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A Guide to Being an HR Business Partner

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Understand the job responsibilities and top skills of a successful HR business partner.In today's business environment, many large companies are enhancing their human resources departments to include HR business partners. This role works with the executive leadership to ensure that an organization's strategies for acquiring talent and retaining employees align with overall business goals for transformation and growth. Success as an HR business partner means knowing the ins and outs of how a business works and what it needs to hit its financial and operational goals. This role places a much higher emphasis on strategy development than other job titles within the HR department, and it also comes with a unique set of responsibilities and skills. In this topic, we will look at these responsibilities and skills.


Jackie A. Sexson


HR Business Partner

• What Is This?

• Why Is This Important?

• What's the Difference Between HR and an HR Business Partner?

Job Responsibilities

• Working With Executive Leadership

• Business Goals and Objectives in Comparison to Current Business Structure

• New Roles and Jobs

• Leader in Hiring Process

• HR Budget

Top Skills of a Successful HR Business Partner

• Required Skills and Abilities

• Education and Experience Needed

• Supervisor Skills Needed