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OSHA's National Emphasis Program Guide

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Learn about NEP issues and how to effectively manage these inspections and avoid penalties.OSHA has more than a dozen National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) currently in effect, including the controversial COVID-19 NEP. More changes to the NEP programs are on the way as OSHA assumes new leadership in 2021. These are the priority 'programmed' inspections and can also trigger concurrent site-specific targeting program inspections that are 'wall-to-wall' instead of being limited in scope to the hazards relating to the NEP. Employers need to be aware of which NEPs cover their workplaces, when the programs will expire, how they are enforced, and which standards are covered by them. This material will address the most significant NEP issues and offer sound advice on how to effectively manage these inspections and avoid penalties of up to $136,532 per violation.


Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CMSP, Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.


Overview of OSHA National Emphasis Programs

• History of the Program and Its Place in the Enforcement Priority Structure

• Which NEPs Are Currently in Effect and When They Expire

• Scope of OSHA NEP Inspections

OSHA COVID-19 National Emphasis

• Key Aspects of the COVID-19 NEP

• Which Workplaces Are Covered by Its Scope

• Anticipated Changes in Light of the OSHA COVID-19 ETS for Health Care, and the Emerging Delta Variant

• OSHA COVID-19 Guidance for Non-Health Care Workplaces and Its Interface With the NEP

Detailed Review of OSHA's Current NEPs

• Key NEPs Carried Over From Prior Administration

• New NEPs (Other Than COVID-19) From Biden Administration

• Relation of the NEPs to OSHA's Top 10 Most-Cited Standards 2020

Inspection Tips

• Relationship Between OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting Program, Severe Violators Enforcement Program and NEPs

• NEP Compliance to Mitigate Citation Exposure and Improve Safety

• Legally Effective OSHA Inspection Tips

• Conclusion and Questions