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Conducting Successful HR Audits

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Develop a strong HR audit plan and gain a better understanding of your organization's needs.HR audits provide tremendous value to organizations. Successful audits impact quantitative and qualitative results organization-wide. The impact of COVID-19, increased government regulations, and remote workforce management have changed the HR function. Given the evolving nature of the human resources function and recent environmental impacts, there are numerous benefits to conducting comprehensive reviews of an organization's practices, policies, and procedures. The compliance review allows organizations to measure performance and take corrective actions where needed to improve the human resource's function. This topic discusses the benefits of conducting successful HR audits and provides specific guidance for how to conduct comprehensive reviews.


Cynthia R. Mullins, Baldwin Rise Advisory Services



• Benefits of Conducting HR Audits

• HR Team and/or Auditors

• Research and Best Practices

Stakeholders View

• Management Training

• Pre-Employment Procedures

• Post-Employment Procedures

HR Audit Checklist

• Types of HR Audits

• Standard Checklist and Types of Questions

• Data Collection

Legal Perspective

• Areas of Focus

• Employment Laws

• Government and Internal Audits

Changed HR Landscape

• COVID-19

• Emerging Legal Requirements and Government Regulations

• Remote Workforce


• Assessment: Review of HR Audit Process, Process Improvements

• Year-End Review: Benefits, Payroll and Tax, Compliance

• HR Audit Schedule