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Consulting Skills for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Understand the importance of keeping up with legal changes and managing issues before they become legal problems.Human resource (HR) managers and consultants play a crucial role for a company. HR is tasked with identifying, managing, and mitigating risks associated with employee-related matters. In order to successfully complete these tasks, HR must understand the importance of keeping up with legal changes, remaining impartial, and spotting and managing issues before they become legal problems. As an HR professional, you must stay ahead of the curve by consistently being available as a resource for employees in relation to their employment related conflicts or frustrations. Beyond listening to employees, HR must also actively understand the reasons employees have come forward with an issue and identify issues that may have not been presented by the employees. The ways to accomplish this are by learning how to identify workforce issues, avoiding favorites and biases, properly vetting potential conflicts of interests, and keeping a paper trail. Overall, this material will address these issues and help you manage and improve your HR role.


Daniel N. Ramirez, Monty & Ramirez LLP


What Does It Mean to Be an HR Manager/Consultant

• Core Consulting Competencies

• Building Relationships

• Managing HR Risks

• Handling Highly Emotionally Charged Issues

Issue Spotting

• Stay Ahead of the HR Curve

• Know Why Employees Are Communicating With You

• Are Employees Required to Use 'Magic Words'

• Paper/Audit Trail

Professionalism and Optics

• Relationships and Interaction With Employees

• Avoid Negative Perception of Favoritism

• Maintain an 'Open Door' With Employees

Eye on the Client

• Picking Between Corporation or Colleague

• Objectivity - Calling Balls and Strikes

- Be Empathetic

- Optics Matter - Stay Balanced

• Conflict of Interest and Ethics

• Forecasting Possible Issues With Lawsuits

Hypotheticals and Practice Exercises