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What Is in the Gumbo Pot? Understanding Changes in Louisiana Employment Laws

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the hottest topics in Louisiana employment laws.For employers, HR professionals and lawyers, navigating the ever-changing landscape of state and federal employment law is a daunting task. This is especially true in our current polarized environment when the agencies charged with enforcing employment regulations whipsaw dramatically between administrations. We all do our best to ensure that handbooks and internal policies are up-to-date and reflect best practices. But it is vital that all practitioners in this area regularly review recent case law and regulatory guidance. Given all of the demands on our time, it is often difficult to fully commit to staying current with all developments. This topic will help the persons responsible for preparing and administering employee policies to unpack recent developments and devise strategies to incorporate such developments into your daily practice. The material will also cover current trends in the area of labor and employment law and try to anticipate the origins of the next set of challenges. Often, a few seemingly minor decisions may have long-term impacts on an employer's ability to successfully defend a claim by an employee. Additionally, it is often lack of clarity and communication regarding policies and practices that sows the seeds of discontent. This information is critical for those who practice in the field of employment law to ensure compliance with the alphabet soup of laws and regulations. The content presented will be dense, but the goal of the topic is to give you the tools to recognize potential problems and the applicable set of statutes or regulation that will guide you to the correct response.


Brendan M. Greene, Dillard University


Overview of Louisiana Laws That Impact Employment Relationships

• Louisiana Constitution (La. Const. Art. I, § 12)

• Louisiana Employment Discrimination Law (La. R.S. § 23:301 et seq.)

• Louisiana Paycheck (La. R.S. § 23:631)

Developments in National Case Law and Its Impact on Louisiana

• Bostock v. Clayton County

• Title VII


Recent Regulatory Changes and Litigation




Trending Topics

• Vaccine Mandates

• Religious Discrimination

• Medical Marijuana

• Unionization