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Developing an Effective Financial Wellness Program

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how a financial wellness program would benefit your company and employees.Employers offer smoking cessation classes to help their workers stop smoking. Exercise classes help employees stay fit. Nutrition classes help employees make better food choices. All of these wellness programs demonstrate that organizations care about the health and well-being of their employees. However, none of these wellness programs address the financial stress that impact a majority of their employees. This material will help the persons responsible for benefits and wellness programs to understand what financial wellness is, how financial stress affects both the employee and employer, and how to create a financial wellness program that will positively impact the lives of your employees. The information also explains how to engage employees in a financial wellness program and how to create a cost/benefit analysis for the program. Employees are stressed about their finances and do not know where to turn for help. Creating a financial wellness program is one way to support your employees while also increasing your bottom line.


Alison Hinson, Alison Hinson MBA, LLC


What Is Financial Wellness?

• Definition of Financial Wellness

• Why Financial Wellness Is Important

• Most Benefit and Wellness Programs Don't Address Financial Wellness

Why Your Employees Need a Financial Wellness Program

• Statistics

• How We Go Here - Lack of Financial Education and Unbiased Resources

• Impacts of Financial Stress on Personal Lives and the Workplace

How to Create a Financial Wellness Program

• Knowing What Your Employees Need (and It's Not Another 401(k) Presentation)

• Using In-House Knowledge

• Partnering With Outside Organizations

Calculating Benefits/Payback of Creating a Financial Wellness Program

• Employer Benefits - Worksheet to Estimate Payback of Financial Wellness Program

• Employee Benefits - Reduced Stress, Improved Relationships, Improved Financial Awareness

Creating Employee Engagement With a Financial Wellness Program

• Introducing the Topic in an Empathetic Manner (Providing Education, Support, Confidentiality)

• Why Employees Would Want to Attend a Financial Wellness Program - Fun, Prizes, Gifts

• Modeling Financial Wellness and Celebrating Success