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Illinois Mandatory Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Be compliant with the mandatory sexual harassment prevention training required by the Illinois Human Rights Act.Changes to the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) required all Illinois employers to provide initial sexual harassment prevention training to all Illinois employees by December 31, 2020, and once per year thereafter. All Illinois employers are now required to administer mandatory training to all employees, including part-time employees, short-term or temporary employees, interns, etc., yearly. Lorman Education Services, in partnership with the law firm of SmithAmundsen LLC, has developed a training program designed for Illinois employers to train their employees (supervisors and non-supervisors) beginning immediately through this convenient online program that will not exceed 1 hour in length. By registering for or participating in Lorman Education Services' Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, you acknowledge and agree that the material shall not be construed as legal advice but is merely intended to provide you or your organization with information related to Illinois' mandatory training requirements pursuant to the Illinois Human Rights Act. The training presented is not designed or intended for any unique or particular employer. Additionally, the training presented shall not be utilized or relied on by anyone working for a restaurant or bar as those terms are defined under the IHRA. By registering and/or participating in this training, you and your organization agree to waive any and all rights or claims against and hold harmless from any and all loss or legal claim, Lorman Education Services, the presenter, and/or the law firm of SmithAmundsen LLC, resulting from the content or delivery of this training material. All participants, and their respective organizations, are solely responsible for all legal obligations they may have under the law, including, but not limited to, all training, certification, and recordkeeping requirements and obligations under the IHRA.


Jeffrey A. Risch, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC


Defining Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment Under the Law

• What Is Unlawful vs. Lawful Conduct

Examples of Conduct That Constitutes Unlawful Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment

• What Is the Workplace?

• Social Media's Impact on the Workplace?

• What Is Risky Behavior to Avoid?

Federal and State Statutory Provisions Concerning Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination

• Remedies Available to Victims

• Illinois Department of Human Rights Involvement

• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Involvement

Responsibilities of Employers Regarding Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination

• Prevention

• Investigation

• Corrective Measures

• Avoiding Retaliation