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Confidentiality Skills for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (30 minutes)

Learn best practices and legal regulations of confidentiality in the HR profession.Everyone knows that human resources professionals keep things confidential. But why is that true? We all know that it is an important part of being an HR employee, but we may not all understand why we have this real or perceived obligation for confidentiality. This topic will help human resources professionals understand what confidentiality requirements are under a variety of state and federal laws. It will also help with the understanding of why confidentiality of personnel matters has developed as a best practice in our industry and how it helps us be better HR professionals. There is also certain information that HR professionals have access to that deserves special treatment when it comes to confidentiality. Join us to learn why confidentiality is a key skill that needs to be honed and developed for HR practitioners in order to be successful in our profession.


Sharon Jutila, AmeriBen/IEC Group


Legal Requirements

• Federal Statutes

• State Statutes

• Common Law Claims

Personnel Matters

• Best Practices and Standards

• Building Trust With Employees and Managers

• HR as Independent Operator in Organization

Special Confidentiality Circumstances

• Medical Information

• Workplace Investigations

• Personal Sensitive Employee Information