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Advanced Issues in New York Paid Family Leave Law

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Understand the significant leave requirements under New York law.In New York there are many requirements for employers to provide leave to their employees regardless of the employer's size (whether in terms of gross revenue or number of employees). Sometimes these leaves overlap with one another (can be taken concurrently), sometimes they do not. If an employer fails to provide leave to an employee to which the employee was entitled to take, it can lead to costly litigation that sap a business' resources. This topic will help employers understand the significant leave requirements under New York law, how they interact with one another, when they must be provided, and who is eligible to take leave and when.


Glenn S. Grindlinger, Fox Rothschild LLP


New York Paid Family Leave

• What Are the Current Requirements?

• Who Is Covered by the Leave?

• Who Pays for It?

• Reinstatement From Leave

New York Paid Sick Leave

• How Much Leave Must Be Provided?

• For What Reasons Can Employees Take Sick Leave

• How Should Employers Administer Sick Leave

New York COVID-19 Leave

• Current Requirements

• Vaccination and COVID-19 Leave

• Exceptions

Family and Medical Leave

• Requirements

• How It Differs From New York Paid Family Leave (PFL)

• Concurrent vs. Consecutive Leave Under FMLA and PFL

Leave as an Accommodation

• When Can Leave Be an Accommodation?

• How Long Must the Leave Be?

• When Is Leave as an Accommodation an Undue Hardship?

Other New York Leave

• Military Leave

• Jury Duty and Voting Leave

• Other Unpaid Leaves