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Combating and Avoiding Insider Threats

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to prevent, detect, and remediate insider attacks on your company.Insider threats are one of the biggest challenges for companies operating globally. Even the smallest indiscretion can pose a big risk for a company's reputation and bottom line. Gain practical insight into current insider threats facing organizations and how to prevent, address, and mitigate these risks. The material will also walk you through case studies from the initial report to the updating of compliance procedures.


Jeffrey M. Klink, Klink & Co., Inc.


Defining Insider Threats

• Defining Insider Threats

• Common Risks Facing Organizations

• Recognizing Key Players

Case Studies

• The Case of the Well-Dressed Man

• The Case of the Unknown Resort

• The Case of the Swiss Bank Account (Teaser)

Assessing, Prevention and Identification Tools

• Reporting Tools (Hotlines, Internal Audit, External Audits)

• Training (Secure Internal Resources, Pre-Employment Screening, SAP and Integrated Accounting)

• Due Diligence on Third Parties

• Fidelity and Other Insurance Coverages


• Checks and Balances

• Why Small Organizations Suffer Losses More Often

• How Employees See the Loopholes

Red Flags a Wavin'

• Travel and Entertainment Violations

• Frequent Infidelity

• Abusive Behaviors to Colleagues (The Spitter)

Performing Investigations and Resolving Problems