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California Payroll Tax Changes

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Take the mystery out of the processes surrounding payroll filing and 1099 reporting in California.Payroll issues can be confusing for anyone in business, from the president, company officers, owners, and those in positions of overseeing the many aspects of payroll and 1099 reporting inside the day-to-day working and those who assist businesses with this tricky and complicated topic. Adding to that, recent government programs offer assistance in the form of Payroll Protection Loans, making reporting more troublesome. Who qualifies for the employee retention credit? How can all the aspects be kept straight and avoid the potential pitfall of missed deadlines and penalties? This topic will take some of the mystery out of the processes surrounding payroll filing and 1099 reporting, as well as the items needed to keep things tracked, organized, and timely filed. The material explains forms and items that are required submissions to the government; and offers explanations and examples of employees versus independent contractors. How to determine when reporting for independent contractors is not only necessary but required.


Victoria Charvez, EA, Tax Goddess Inc.



• Overview

• Material Review

Employer Responsibilities

• Employer Responsibilities

• Employee Requirements

• Recordkeeping

Reporting and Depositing Information

• What Are Wages?

• Payroll Taxes

- When to Make Deposits

- How to Make Deposits

• Filing the Tax Returns and Due Dates

• Fixing Errors

Employee or Contractor

• Types of Workers

• Differences of an Employee or Independent Contractor

• ABC Tests

• 1099-MISC vs. 1099-NEC

Mixed Bag

• PPP Loan Issues/Questions

- California vs. Federal Rules

• Employee Retention Credit

• Open Forum Questions