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Globalization and Ethics for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand how to create a unique program that supports identifying the risks and promoting your global corporate ethics.Economic globalization and technological changes are posing new ethical challenges to multinational corporations. As companies operate across diverse cultural and legal frameworks, moral dilemmas arise in labor standards, marketing practices, environment, corruption, and human rights presenting unique challenges to Human Resources professionals. The dynamic force of globalization will continue to change our perceptions, as it reshapes our lives, the way we make a living and the way we relate. The changes are economic, technological, cultural, and political. Human Resources departments must adapt their thinking and practices to include cultural differences, foreign regulations, and technological developments. This topic covers some of the big shifts HR teams and ethics needed to be ready to handle including human capital including labor demographics, corporate and cultural differences, employment and tax laws, long distance communication challenges, language, political differences, and religious differences. This material will provide a quick action plan to identify gaps in your current program to master ongoing globalization challenges.


Elizabeth Frisch, The Thrival Company


How Can Ethics Vary Globally

• Workforce Ethics

• Cultural and Business Ethics

• Political Laws and Ethics

Workforce Ethics

• Differing Standards

• Differing Value

• Public Pressures

Corporate and Cultural Differences

• Corporate Cultures Causing Ethical Dilemmas and How to Determine Them Overseas

• Cultural Differences That Cause Potential Ethics Conflicts

Political and Business Ethics Differences

• When Business as Usual Is Not Ethical

• When Politics as Usual Is Not Ethical

Framework to Address Challenges

• Slow and Steady and Ethical Does Win the Race

• Conducting a Rapid Risk Assessment

• Planning Forward to Address Ethics Issues as HR