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Earn Influence and Impact Executive Success as an HR Professional

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Identify areas that someone in HR must be aware of to ensure a seat at the executive table.It is important to ensure companies offer a seat to human resources at the executive table. Unfortunately, in many companies, this does not happen for a number of reasons. This topic will be able to assist HR in gaining a seat at the table and influencing and teaching the executives the importance of HR. As many know, HR can have a very positive impact on the business and be able to connect the people to the business. The HR Department is certainly a cost center that takes a lot of money to keep it running whether through recruiting or managing employee relations. The HR department is an integral part through the entire employee life cycle and has the knowledge to ensure business success and growth. When HR performs its role well, we see the executive performance and the company culture thrive but HR leaders need to have the ability to influence.


Jackie A. Sexson


Earning a Seat at the Executive Table

• Why Is This Important?

• What Are Actions That Need to Be Taken?

• What Are Executives Interested in?

Understanding Business Acumen

• Understanding Business Strategy and Business Culture

• Share Responsibility for Business Goals and Plans

• Know the Human Resources Business Thoroughly

• Harness the Benefits of Technology to Help Influence Business Strategy

Influencing Executives by Using Human Resources Department Tools

• Recommend Programs for People That Continuously Improve the Business

• Express Thoughtful Opinions Backed by Data and Study

• Measure Outcomes and Goal Achievement, Not Work Processes to Influence Business Strategy

• Run Your Department Like a Business to Influence Business Strategy