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Merging Global and Local U.S. HR Functions and Outsourcing Initiatives

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn how you can merge local and global human resource functions with ease.This exciting and interactive topic is designed to help you understand global HR from the time when a position is identified through recruiting, interviewing, hiring, managing, and even terminating an employee. Employers are responsible to abide by federal, state, and local laws in the United States. When a company is global, there are additional laws that need to be followed. We will identify issues that arise, work with actual case studies, and develop checklists that can be used to create manageable solutions. The goal is to help organizations lead the process as opposed to playing catchup. Topics discussed include the impact of Title VII, the ADA, and the ADEA. We will also address the impact of COVID-19 and the pandemic on organizations.


David G. Gabor, DGN Workplace Initiatives



• International Employment

• Federal Employment Laws

• State and Local Law

• Employment-At-Will Is Not Uniform

• Checklist

Recruitment Through Interviews

• Assess the Need

• Job Description (Minnesota)

• Advertising the Position

• Interviewing Candidates

• Checklist

Hiring and Onboarding Process

• The Job Offer

• Confirming the Offer

• Paperwork

• Orientation to the Organization

• Checklist

From Post-Hire to Termination

• Employee Management

• Performance Management

• Termination of Employment

• Potential Claims

• Checklist

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