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Getting the Most for Your Money: Auditing Your Employee Benefits Program

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Ensure you are seeking the right information for both a cost-effective and beneficial program.Attracting and retaining the right talent is critical to the success of your company and the benefits you offer play no small part. Your benefit offering should both reflect your company's values as well as provide value to your employees. Offering benefits that your employees do not value is simply a waste of company resources. A properly constructed benefits audit will ensure that your significant investment in employee benefits is actually helping you accomplish your goal of attracting and retaining the best talent.


Penina Eichler, Organizational Solutions


Importance of Auditing Your Benefits Offering

• Why It Is so Crucial

• Challenges

The Audit Process

• How to Begin

• Review of Benefits

• Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Maintenance of the Program

• Communication

• Reassessment