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Comp Time and the FLSA

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn best practices for comp time and how to introduce comp time in your company.Comp time, or compensatory time, is an alternate way of rewarding overtime work. Instead of paying an hourly employee time-and-a-half for work done over the time allotted in the normal work week, employers can allow an hour and a half of time off for each hour of overtime worked. This topic will cover how the FLSA views the use of comp time in relation to public agencies and private corporations. Under most circumstances, comp time is allowed by the FLSA for public agencies; however, a private corporation may have a labor agreement that outlines the specific award and use of comp time in place of financial compensation. Comp time should not be confused with flex time and this material will eliminate any confusion on this topic.


Jackie A. Sexson


Comp Time Defined by FLSA

• Public Agencies

• Private Corporations

• Who Can Use Comp Time Legally

Overview of Comp Time Rules and Usage

• Comp Time vs. Paid Time

• Flex Time Defined

• Issues Involving Nonexempt Employees

• Incorrect Rounding of Employee Work Time

• Tracking Issues

What Do the Court Rulings Say as to Comp Time?

• Old Rules Regarding Employees Controlling Accrued Comp Time Hours

• New Rules Regarding Employees Comp Time Usage