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Supporting Employee Growth and Professional Development

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn how to integrate vertical development into employee development efforts and gain clarity on what to focus on.If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need leaders and employees that are more capable of effectively navigating change, uncertainty and complexity. Unfortunately, typical leader and employee development techniques are not very effective at meeting these dynamic needs. The primary purpose of this topic is to introduce a relatively unknown form of employee development that is designed to help enhance leaders' and employees' agility and dynamism: vertical development. Vertical development differs from traditional horizontal development efforts in that it primarily focuses on elevating the level of one's mental development, instead of just focusing on knowledge transfer or skill development. To help integrate vertical development into leader and employee development efforts, this material will help you gain clarity on what to focus on (the mind) and the best way to help leaders and employees attain higher levels of mental development. This material is critical for employers who want to ensure that their organizations and workforce are agile and ready to take on an uncertain and complex future.


Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D., Ryan Gottfredson



• The Need for Leaders and Employees That Are More Capable of Navigating Change, Uncertainty and Complexity

• Current Development Practices Are Not Very Effective at Meeting Dynamic Needs

Introduction to Vertical Development

• Two Types of Development: Horizontal Development and Vertical Development

• Employee Development Largely Focuses on Horizontal Development

• What Is Needed Is Vertical Development

• Why Vertical Development Is so Important

Vertical Development Requires a Focus on the Mind

• Three Levels of Mental Development: Mind 1.0, Mind 2.0 and Mind 3.0

• The Level of One's Vertical Development Is Based Upon Which Level of Mental Development They Primarily Operate in

• Effective Vertical Development Should Be Designed to Help Employees Operate at a Higher Level of Mental Development

How to Help Employees to Vertically Develop

• To Vertically Develop, Employees Need to Awaken to Their Nonconscious Automatic Processes

• The Best Way to Do That Is Through a Focus on Mindsets

• Four Sets of Mindsets Will Be Introduced as a Useful Framework for Vertical Development Efforts


• Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Development

• Why Vertical Development Is so Important

• How to Help Employees to Vertically Develop