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Advanced FMLA: Issues and Solutions

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

Gain a better understanding with advanced knowledge in FMLA issues and solutions.Many employers manage FMLA on a day-to-day basis, but are they doing it thoroughly and with an eye towards preventing FMLA litigation? This topic will first serve as an FMLA refresher and then work to identify and tackle FMLA's more intricate issues. You will learn when and how to reach out to an FMLA applicant's physician for certification questions, how to best manage intermittent leave, requests for work breaks under FMLA, FMLA abuse and, of course, how to manage FMLA with COVID-19 issues.


Stephanie K. Rawitt, Clark Hill PLC


Mastering FMLA - Foundation

• Steps to Leave

• Getting Leave Right

Managing Serious Health Conditions and Medical Certifications

• Foundation

• Ins and Outs of Certification/Contacting Physicians

• Intermittent Leave


• Employer Notice

• Deadlines for Documents/Forms

FMLA Abuse

• Identifying FMLA Abuse

• Management to Prevent/Avoid

Tough FMLA Issues

• Joint Employment, Dealing With ADA/Workers Comp.

• Identifying Other Though Issues During FMLA

• Hypotheticals for the Tough Issues, Practical Hands-on Approach