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OSHA 101

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

Understand how OSHA goes about its mission and how to prepare for and manage OSHA inspections.Many employers do not understand how OSHA sets and enforces workplace safety and health regulations. As a result, they do not realize what is expected of them, nor are they adequately prepared when OSHA shows up at their door to conduct an inspection. To make matters worse, these employers also do not understand how to conduct themselves during an inspection thus increasing the likelihood of citations. Then, when citations do issue, these employers lack awareness of the options available to them to protect themselves from larger and more problematic citations in the future. This topic helps the persons responsible for workplace safety and health compliance understand how OSHA, the federal agency responsible for enforcing such laws, goes about its mission, the roles played by other agencies and how OSHA uses extrajudicial tools like the Severe Violator Enforcement Program to publicly shame employers. The material also explains how to prepare for and manage OSHA inspections, as well as the strategies one can employ to obtain a more favorable outcome if citations are received. Failing to prepare for inspections, means preparing to experience the consequences that can ruin a business. With OSHA and state OSH agencies ramping up inspection during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time to understand how these agencies work and what you need to know when interacting with them.


Aaron R. Gelb, Conn Maciel Carey LLP


OSHA, the OSH Act and Other Relevant Agencies

• How Does OSHA Police Workplace Safety and Health?

• What Other State and Federal Agencies Do Employers Need to Know About?

• What Is SVEP and How Does OSHA Shame Employers?

Preparing for, Managing and Responding to OSHA Inspections

• What Should Employers Do to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection?

• What Rights Do Employers Have During an Inspection and How Should They Assert Them?

• What Options Does an Employer After Receiving an OSHA Citation?

Enforcement Then and Now (During a Pandemic)

• What Does OSHA Expect Employers to Do to Protect Employees From COVID-19?

• Is OSHA Still Conducting Inspections of Traditional Workplace Hazards and, If so, How?

• Enforcement Discretion - Is OSHA Allowing Employers to Delay Compliance With Certain Standards?