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Best Practices to Manage Your Multistate Payroll

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Make sure you are up to date on the ever-changing rules and regulations of multistate payroll issues.Many companies who do business in more than one state do not understand how to determine which state they must pay taxes to. They also do not understand that each state has different laws regarding residents and nonresidents. This topic will give you guidelines on what factors determine which tax the employer must withhold. It will explain the differences of residents and nonresidents and how to properly report withholding. No employer wants to face huge fines and penalties for failing to be in compliance with state laws and regulations. This material will give you the tools necessary to make sure your business remains in compliance.


Debbie Cash, CPP, Employer Advantage


Income Tax Withholding

• What State Should I Withhold?

• Business Nexus

• Reciprocity Between States

• Reporting Requirements - Residents vs. Nonresidents

State Unemployment Insurance

• Employees Working in More Than One State

• What Is SUTA Dumping?

• Quarterly Wage Requirements and Electronic Reporting

Wage and Hour Issues

• Federal/State Relationship

• State W-4s

• State Minimum Wages

Local Taxes

• Am I Required to Withhold?

• Where Do I Pay?

• Helpful Websites