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HR's Guide to Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of all aspects of suicide prevention management and how best to implement support systems.In order to understand and incorporate suicide prevention information and strategies in a workplace setting, it is important to understand general concepts regarding all aspects of suicide, from ideation to completion. The act of committing suicide is one of ultimate despair, in which the person has reached a place in his/her mind where the all-consuming thought is that suicide is the only way to cease the mental and emotional anguish forever. There may be many combinations of circumstances that lead to this ultimate mental and emotional agony. In this topic we will focus on essential tools for emotional healing not only for employees who express suicide ideation in the hope of preventing suicide, but also for surviving employees in the aftermath of a completed employee suicide. This topic will provide you with a better understanding of all aspects of suicide prevention management including but not limited to understanding suicide ideation; contributing factors to suicide ideation; prevention strategies for suicide ideation; ensuring the cry for help of suicide ideation is addressed in terms of appropriate mental health level of care referrals; information management in the workplace if/when an employee commits suicide and strategies for implementing support systems following a completed suicide.


Valerie Shinbaum, MS, LPC, MAC, NCC


Suicide Overview - From Ideation to Completion

• A Fleeting Thought or Serious Obsession Leading to Irrevocable Action

• Contributing Factors and Their Emotional/Mental Consequences

• The Misconceptions Around "Warning Signs"

Workplace Culture and Its Impact on Employees

• Does Your Workplace's Emotional Climate Provide Support and Acceptance?

• Is Your Workplace Able to Keep Communication Lines Open?

• The Overall Value of Morale Building Tools

Strategies for Working With Assessment Tools

• Basic Questions

• Documentation

• Potential Consequences and Outcomes

Tips, Tools and Techniques Regarding Levels of Mental Health Care Referrals If Needed

• An Employee Indicated Suicide Ideation - Now What?

• Through the Chain of Command - Ensuring the Employee Needs Are Assessed/Addressed

• When to Refer to Mental Health Providers and How to Navigate That Process

Surviving a Suicide Attempt or Completion

• The Ones They Left Behind

• Keeping a Closer Watch

• Recognition of Responsibility and the Concept of "Survivor Guilt"