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Accommodating Anxiety, Workplace Stress and PTSD Under the ADA

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn how to properly respond to accommodation requests for anxiety, workplace stress, and PTSD under the ADA.The failure of productive employees who experience trauma is costly. Make a solid decision and have the tools necessary when this arises. Why is it smart business to explore accommodation? What are the best practices in managing workers who have experienced mental health issues including anxiety, depression and PTSD? This topic will provide insight into how bad things can happen to good people, especially good workers. The impact is not solely on that person but can affect the workplace. Employers should be equipped for when these occasions arise and why seeking to find good outcomes is good business. While it can be difficult to accurately describe a large group, as each individual is unique, this material will educate on best practices in accommodating workplace anxiety, stress and PTSD under the ADA. Additionally, this topic will explore and discuss various accommodations and environmental modification, ways to interact with the worker, and experiences from the vocational counselor's perspective to illustrate successful accommodation and resolution.


John Cary, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. Nick Choppa, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. Cloie Johnson, OSC Vocational Systems, Inc.


Overview of the ADA, Laws and Application

Anxiety, Stress and PTSD: Translating to Impact in the Workplace

Accommodation and Modifications

Case Examples and Successes

Best Practices