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Business Standards Ethics for the HR Professional

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn the importance of ethics in human resources and put ethics at the top of your priority list.Most HR specialists truly intend to act with honesty and integrity, but the ethical landscape can be more complicated than most can foresee. Ethical landmines await the unwitting and the unprepared human resource manager. Ethical dilemmas occur when competing values are involved or when multiple stakeholders (employees, managers, supervisors, the company, etc.) have diverging interests. Ethical standards may pull an HR specialist in opposite directions. No option satisfies all ethical needs. There is more bad news. The decision to act ethically often carries a high personal price for the HR manager, the employee, or the employer. Ethical conduct and a need for courage are frequently inseparable. It is hard to act ethically when you are the one who will pay the cost of integrity, but it can be even harder when a co-worker or family will suffer. Ethics education must be an ongoing and committed part of any human resource practice. Future HR leaders must be trained to recognize and confront difficult ethical issues. This topic will scan the ethical landscape and help HR professionals to recognize, identify, and be prepared for common ethical traps. It will survey ethical foundations, general principles of ethical business behavior, business and employees, business and customers/public, and business and investors.


William J. Russell, J.D., M.B.A., Northwest Nazarene University


Ethical Foundations

• The Definition of Ethics

• A Few Examples

• Codes of Ethics

• The International Context of Ethics

General Principles of Ethical Business Behavior Related to HR

• Why Ought Businesses to Act Ethically?

• Corporate Culture and Human Resources

• The Nature of Ethical Dilemmas

• Truth Telling

• Mutual Loyalty

• Corporate Ethics Programs

Common Specific Ethical Challenges in Human Resources

• Privacy

• Discrimination, Diversity and Affirmative Action

• Harassment

• Due Process

• Workplace Safety

• Property Rights and Theft

• Off-Duty Conduct

• Whistle-blowing

Agchemco Case Study