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Performance Metrics for Your Remote Workforce

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain the tools needed to assist in creating measurable outcomes when managing a remote workforce.When managing a remote workforce, needs can be different compared to in-person management. The daily face to face interaction is transferred to a virtual environment and typically scheduled, which can make monitoring performance metrics challenging or confusing. This topic will provide traditional methods to use when measuring performance with industry-leading tools to assist in creating measurable outcomes when managing a remote workforce. The material also explains methods and approaches to analyzing relative ways of measuring performance and setting realistic goals at any level of management. It is critical to have a plan and strategy to reduce costs or respond to remote work needs. This information is essential to have in the ever-changing remote workforce.


Carina Boston Pinales, The Thrival Company Elizabeth Frisch, The Thrival Company


Goals - How to Set Realistic Goals and How to Use Them in a Remote Environment

• Identifying and Understanding Goals That Reflect the Culture of the Organization

• Traditional Methods and How to Apply Them to a Remote Environment

• Quality and Quantity Evaluation Instead of Time Worked

Communication - Critical Opportunities to Provide Team Members Ways to Give and Receive Feedback

• Styles of Communication, How to Approach Communication Needs

• Accountability - Miscommunication or Avoidance

• The Right Tools to Facilitate Regular Communication

Results - Learn What Results Align With Traditional Measurements in Management

• Establishing Trust and Confidence

• Creating Remote Performance Metrics

• Identifying New Areas of Performance That Show Results

• Know What It Takes to Develop and Grow a Remote Workforce