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Key Operating Reports for the HR Professional

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Better understand, manage, and monitor critical components to provide real-time data on how effectively your organization is performing.There are numerous key management issues to be considered by HR professionals. Which HR management issues should be measured? How should they be reported? How should they be managed? How do they affect the bottom line? How will investors, stakeholders, and others benefit from the information provided? Does the organization measure and report both past performance and the achievement of future economic goals? How do employees impact the value of the organization? While business, financial, and operations management are critical for an organization, so too is HR management. Top management increasingly uses HR metrics and analytics as a crucial part of their strategic, financial, and business planning activities. These metrics increasingly help top management make essential and timely decisions. Additionally, top management relies on this operational analysis to ascertain and manage key organizational issues, at the same it gives them the power to better understand, anticipate, manage, and monitor critical components. HR professionals are increasingly using this information and reports to provide real-time data on how effectively their organizations are performing. From this perspective, this data and information play a crucial and valuable role in helping their organizations effectively identify, select, and manage critical issues. Further, HR professionals increasingly required to provide a scorecard of the organization's employment practices. As a result, this information and data provide all levels of management with crucial information about how effectively their organizations are reaching their strategic objectives, achieving marketplace competitiveness, and managing operational and financial risks. This topic is designed to discuss critical operating, financial, and HR issues and provide you with information about their current use in addressing key operating, financial, and HR management decision making activities.


Ronald Adler, Laurdan Associates, Inc.


Discussion of Key Strategic Management and Financial Issues

• Discussion of the VUCA Analysis

• Determining Key Strategic Management and Operation Factors

• Discussion of the Components of Key Operation and Financial Documents,

• Discussion of the Link Between Key Operating, Financial, and HR Measures and Stakeholder Value

Key Human Capital Issues

• Strategic HR Issues

• Assessing Managing Corporate Performance

• Developing an HR Budget

• Developing and Using Important Managerial and HR Metrics

Managing Key Operating Reports and HR Management Metrics

• ISO 30414, Guidelines for Internal and External Human Capital Reporting: Critical Issues for the Organization?

• A Discussion of Critical Operating Terms

• A Discussion of Critical HR Terms

• Managing Important Operation and HR Measures