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Managing Telecommuting in a Changing Legal Environment - New Challenges From COVID-19

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Learn the complex wage and hour issues that must be taken into consideration when you have telecommuters in the workforce.Although telecommuting arrangements can be beneficial to employers and employees, many employers fail to adequately meet the many legal compliance and liability challenges of telecommuting arrangements. Major changes in federal overtime exemptions and new state and local laws governing minimum wages, paid leave, wage theft, and ban the box are already having a major impact on the responsibilities of employers concerning their telecommuting employees. These compliance burdens, and the associated risk, may be particularly acute for employers who have telecommuting employees working in multiple states or cities. This topic will provide managers and legal advisers with the background they need concerning the legal landscape surrounding wage and hour, hiring, paid leave, discrimination, workers' compensation, and paid leave issues applicable to telecommuting arrangements, and the management policies and practices they should implement to reduce risk.


Paul M. Ostroff, Lane Powell PC


Overview of Telecommuting Arrangements, Agreements and Policies

Summary of Wage and Hour Requirements and Their Particular Application to Telecommuting Employees

• How the Changes in the White-Collar Exemptions Effect Telecommuting Relationships, and What Employers Should Be Doing to Address Them

• Defining and Effectively Managing Compensable Work

• Implementing and Managing Timekeeping Systems and Avoiding Off the Clock Work Claims by Telecommuting Employees

• Rest and Meal Break Issues

• Travel Time Issues Affecting Telecommuting Employees

• Exempt Status Issues and Telecommuting Employees

How the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Related State Laws Impact Telecommuting

• State Emergency Declarations and More Expansive Use of Telecommuting in Light of the COVID-19 Crisis

• Changes to Policies and Agreements in Light of COVID -19

• Paid Leave Issues Under the FFCRA

• Intermittent Leave Under the FFCRA

Managing and Complying With Multistate Legal Obligations That Arise in Telecommuting Arrangements

• Local Minimum Wage Law

• Wage Theft Laws

• Proper Payroll Administration, Including Final Pay, Pay Statement Information

• Hiring Issues, Including Compliance With State and Local Ban the Box Laws

• Paid Leave Laws

• Special Employment Discrimination Issues

• Workers' Compensation

• Protection of Intellectual Property

• Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

• Other Wage and Hour Issues That Arise in Telecommuting Arrangements