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Withholding Child and Spousal Support

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Ensure that deductions for child and spousal support withholding are handled correctly based on state and federal requirements.Garnishments in general can be complex for most companies and the majority of garnishments received are for child support. Understanding all the laws in regards to child support can be overwhelming. It is important for companies to understand those laws and how to apply them to be able to review all aspects of child support withholding requirements from the federal and state level. This topic will give all the details needed to know what laws to follow and how to properly calculate, execute and remit withheld payments to the appropriate state disbursement units. This material will provide a review of medical support orders, what are they, and who should handle them in relation to a child support order. Special employee situations will also be reviewed to avoid costly penalties.


Dayna J. Reum, CPP, FPC, Dayna J. Reum


Child Support Review

Employer Responsibility/Employee Protections

Priority of Withholding/Multiple Orders

Child Support Withholding Requirements

Defining Income/Calculating Disposable Pay

Lump Sum Payments

Calculating Child Support Payments

When to Remit Payments

Administrative Fees

Handling Terminated Employees

E-IWO (Electronic Income Withholding Orders)

Other Child Support Concerns

Medical Support Orders

Details of State Requirements