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Developing a Sound HR Metrics System

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Ensure your organization has a strong metric system to make better decisions for your business needs.It is important for human resources to be a strategic partner in any organization. In order to obtain this goal, HR must be able to quantify its role in objective terms because organizations are managed by data. CEOs and senior management understand the importance of human capital; however, they do not understand the measuring tools on how to hold managers accountable for the impact their workforce has on strategic success. A scorecard model introduces the management and the metric system that identifies the behaviors, competencies, and the culture require for workforce success. It is important to understand how these dimensions impact the bottom line. In order for HR to ensure its value as a strategic partner, all of its processes and roles need to be quantifiable. This information will assist you in understanding the metrics to measure the outcomes of the processes and roles.


Jackie A. Sexson


Basic Overview of HR Metrics

• The Importance of HR Metrics

• Scorecards

• Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy

HR Metrics

• Why We Measure

• Criteria for Selecting Metrics

• Building Metrics

• Common Errors

• Transactional Role vs. Value-Added Business Focus

Transforming the HR Role Through Metrics

• Recruitment

• Training and Development

• Compensation

• Retention

• Absenteeism

• Economic Value Added