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Protecting Employees Who Work Alone

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Employees working alone are one of the highest risk jobs in the United States.Have you identified hazards associated with employees working alone or potentially having to work alone at your work site? Were you aware that there are federal and state worker safety legislation that applies to this high-risk job category? If you answered no to any of these questions and you have employees working alone or have a potential of working alone, you will want to gain a better understanding of this informative topic. This material will provide valuable insight on the types of risks associated with workers working alone. Tips, techniques and trade secrets on how to develop, implement and verify worker safety for employees working alone will be provided. Examples of lessons learned (best practices) and what not to do will be explained in this material to help you kick start your plan implementation immediately. Don't miss this jam-packed educational material and get ready to get busy on improving personal safety for those employees who are, or potentially can be, placed into such a situation of working alone.


Michael J. Aust, East Coast Safety Training


Identify Potential Risk

• Regulatory

• Environmental

• Social


• Type of Training

• Training Topics

• Effectiveness of Training

Hazard Reduction and Elimination

• Types of Equipment to Protect and Monitor Lone Workers

• Best Practices to Consider

• Available Resources