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Enter the Crossfire: Can and Should Your Company Ban Guns in the Workplace?

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Know your obligations and make informed decisions by knowing the latest developments in gun laws and restrictions.Whether your company can or should ban guns in the workplace is a controversial issue. While employers want to ensure that they are providing a safe workplace, there are potential risks with both banning guns and not banning guns. While the right to bear arms is rooted in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guns laws and restrictions continue to evolve and change across the United States. This topic teaches you the latest legal developments in gun laws and restrictions, and employer's corresponding obligations, to help them make informed decisions.


Holly E. Courtney, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Kurt F. Ellison, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP


Two-Step Analysis and Legal Framework

• Understanding the Second Amendment and Supreme Court Precedent

- Understanding That State Law May Dictate Your Decision to Ban or Not Ban Guns, as Different States Restrict/Allow Open Carry or Conceal Carry

Risks, Benefits and Implications of Choosing to Ban or Not Ban Guns in the Workplace

• Risks: What Liability Concerns Exist If the Workplace Does/Does Not Institute a Workplace Firearm Ban?

• Benefits: What Are the Benefits of Banning/Not Banning Guns in the Workplace? Statistical Analysis of Each Decision

You've Made the Choice; What Other Considerations

• Gun Ban Considerations: What Legal and Practical Ramifications Exist for Choosing to Ban or Not Ban Firearms in the Workplace?

Institute Workplace Violence Policy

• Contact Your Local Law Enforcement Liaison to Do a Security Audit

- Physical Security: How Accessible Is Your Building to a Potential Shooter

- Plan of Action: What Procedures Will Your Company Put in Place to Prevent an Incident of Workplace Violence Involving a Firearm?