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Strange but True Workers' Compensation Cases

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Become familiar with strange but true cases and help develop current and long-term strategies for when claims arise.Many approach workers' compensation with fear. Each claim can be a frightening experience and a costly one; but learning about all of the many strange and unusual workers compensation cases can help reduce the often-stressful approach to claim handling. This material will explain many court decisions and results of unique workers' compensation claims. This information is important for employers, employees, and managers. It is intended to reduce the anxiety and exposure when workers' compensation claims do arise. It is anticipated that you will leave with a desire to tackle any workers' compensation dilemma with a fresh and positive approach and have some fun.


James B. Fairbanks, Esq., Treece Alfrey Musat P.C.


What Is Workers' Compensation and Why Can It Be so Strange?

• Compensability, What Does It Mean?

• Disability Claims and Return-to-Work Issues

• Medical Benefits

• Ancillary Issues

Strange and True

• The Strangest Claims Often Come From Determining Whether or Not Something Is Considered Work-Related

- No Fact Pattern Is Beyond the Realm of Possibility

- Strange Cases of Compensability

• Returning to Work and Disability Items

- Some Folks Can Be Creative at Not Wanting to Work and Finding Ways Not to Work

- Employee vs. Employee; a Different Reality

- Strange Return-to-Work Cases

• Medical Benefits

- That's a Benefit? or Can I Get a Hot Tub, Too?

- Strange Cases Involving Medical Issues

• Other: This Is Where It Gets Even Stranger

Why Is This Important?

• Predictability

• Having a Sense of Humor Helps