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Minimizing Risk and Reducing Exposure on Workers' Compensation Claims by Off-Site Employees

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to best handle off-site injuries, from initial reporting through litigation.Employers, now more than ever, are required to evaluate remote or telework opportunities for their employees. COVID-19 forced employers to send their employees home and look for opportunities to work remotely on an emergent basis without the benefit of a considered plan or risk assessment. The need for telework persists. Employers must evaluate their business needs and balance those against state and federal guidelines for safety, security, and risk analysis. This topic will assist you in developing appropriate work from home opportunities. It will assist in your evaluation of appropriate insurance coverage including the definition of rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee, as well as what constitutes a work-related injury. It will facilitate the recognition of the application of competing state and federal statutes that overlap with workers' compensation liability. This information will prove an invaluable resource for the development of workplace policies and protocols as we continue to navigate the ever-changing work environment presented by the demands of telework and the global pandemic.


James F. Devine, Cipriani & Werner, P.C.


What Is the Correct Coverage?

• Do I Have Appropriate Workers' Compensation Insurance?

• Do I Require Address of Alternate Coverage?

How Is a Work Injury Defined?

• Course and Scope of Employment Defined

• Impact of Working From Home

• Working During a Pandemic for Better or Worse

How Do I Define the Position?

• Has the Description Changed?

• New Hire vs. Existing Employee

• What Are New Risk Exposures?

How to Evaluate Position and Worksite?

• Essential Functions

• On-Site Responsibilities

• In-House Workstation

What Internal Policies Are Required?

• Reporting a Work Injury

• Designation of Medical Evaluation

• Communication

• Additional Policies

Which External Laws, Statutes or Regulations Must Be Considered?

• Specific Certifications

• Overlapping Laws

• COVID-19

What Additional Liability Exposure Must Be Considered?

• CDC Guidelines

• Reconciliation of State and Federal Guidelines

• OSHA General Duty Clause

• Reckless Disregard


• Policy

• Rights and Duties

• Communication