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Whistle-blowing Policies for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (105 minutes)

Learn best practices for implementing effective whistle-blower protection policies and avoiding pitfalls when handling whistle-blowing complaints.When an employee complaint is whistle-blowing it is not always clear, and mishandling the complaint, or failing to adequately protect the complainant from retaliation, may lead to poor employee morale and costly litigation. This topic will assist you in properly identifying and handling whistle-blower complaints. The material covered will provide tips and best practices for drafting and implementing effective whistle-blower protection policies and identify key considerations to minimize and mitigate risks when handling whistle-blowing complaints.


Misty Leslie, Littler Mendelson P.C. Kyle Mabe, Littler Mendelson P.C.


What Is Whistle-blowing and Why It Matters

• Applicable Laws and Definitions

• Corporate Culture and Accountability

• Retaliation

Who Are Whistle-blowers

• Spotting Whistle-blowers

• Considerations for Employees With Access to Sensitive and Confidential Information

• Distinguishing Nonwhistle-blower Complaints

Effective Whistle-blowing Policies

• Drafting Considerations

• Reporting and Enforcement

• Education and Training

How to Handle Whistle-blower Complaints

• Supervisors Role

• Human Resources Role

• Responding to Anonymous Complaints

End of Employment Considerations

• Assessing Risks

• Mitigating Risks of Future Litigation

• Considerations When Drafting Separation and Release Agreements