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Are White Collar Exemptions Being Met?

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Make sure you know if white-collar exemptions are being met at your company.The purpose of this topic is to educate you on how white-collar exemptions actually work, and how to ensure that exemptions are not lost in the implementation. The rules and regulations are far from intuitive, and the consequences of FLSA violations are significant. Imagine owing overtime compensation to a highly paid executive because you have been improperly docking her pay for absences. Further imagine being sued for FLSA double damages and attorneys' fees for the past two or three years. This material will examine complicated wage and hour requirements, reduce them to more simple rules, and explain how they apply to typical situations found in the workplace. This material will help you know with certainty if white-collar exemptions are being met at your company.


Frank L. Kollman, Kollman & Saucier, P.A.


Three Simple Considerations Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

The White-Collar Exemptions

Determining Whether the Duties of the Employees Qualify

The Salary Basis Requirement

Exempt to Hourly and Back to Exempt

Deductions From Pay

Additional Compensation

State and Local Laws