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Defending Workers' Compensation Claims

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Keep your workers' compensation cost down by effectively defending the right claim.One of the fastest growing expenses facing employers today is workers' compensation costs. One of the most important factors in controlling workers' compensation costs is the identification of claims which should be denied and preparation to defend against such claims. This topic will assist professionals responsible in determining which claims should be defended and which claims should be denied. It will also provide a framework for developing the evidence necessary to defend a claim, preparation for the workers' compensation hearing and the conduct of the hearing. This topic will be beneficial to seasoned professionals as well as persons who are new to the workers' compensation arena.


James M. Mesnard, The Postol Law Firm


Initial Claims Analysis

• Initial Investigation and Information Gathering

• Compensability of the Claim; Injury Arising out of and in the Course of Employment

• Medical Treatment and Return-to-Work - When Good Claims Turn Bad

Developing Evidence for the Defense

• Independent Medical Examinations

• Surveillance

• Vocational Rehabilitation

Preparation for the Hearing

• Obtaining the Claimant's Medical Records

• Written Discovery

• Depositions

• Witness Preparation

Conduct of the Hearing

• Presentation of Medical Records

• Claimant's Testimony

• Use of Surveillance

• Presentation of Vocational Evidence