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New Marijuana Law Update in Ohio

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Understand the pitfalls your organization faces when considering drug use policies and explore options that are available in Ohio.Aside from criminal justice, there is perhaps no area of law greater impacted from legal marijuana than employment law. In the early days, employers were content to maintain zero-tolerance drug use policies. But, as more and more states enact more progressive marijuana laws, employers often find themselves having to choose between maintaining those policies or attracting and retaining talented employees. Additionally, in many states employers cannot rely on zero-tolerance drug use policies to discriminate against medical marijuana patients. As a result, many employers are exploring ways to accommodate employees' legal marijuana use to adapt to this changing environment. This topic will identify the pitfalls facing employers when tinkering with drug use policies, particularly those conducting business in multiple states, and will also explore options that are available to employers who have workers using marijuana either medicinally or recreationally.


Thomas G. Haren, Frantz Ward LLP


Ohio Law and Marijuana

• Rights of Ohio Employers

• Rights of Ohio Patients

Synthesizing Your Drug Use Policies

• Different Approaches by Different States

• Ways to Accommodate Marijuana Use by Employees If Desired

The Horizon: Marijuana and the Workplace

• Ballot vs. Legislature

• Trends in Employment Law Relating to Marijuana