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Business Writing Fundamentals for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

There is no question that the role of Human Resources personnel is a difficult and demanding position that must have poise, balance, self-discipline, organization and outstanding writing skills.Human Resources is an admirable field of expertise that finds itself sandwiched between federal laws pertaining to hiring; interpersonal laws that place HR in the difficult position of having to deny candidates a job position, and conflicting roles between these federal regulations and interpersonal communication goals, and the hiring policies of the very company that HR personnel represents. This triangulation of conflict can only be reduced through effective, honest, and deliberately quick responses to all end users: external federal policy, external candidate expectations, and internal corporate expectations. This topic will deliver techniques that a human resource professional can use to minimize stress between conflicting policies, satisfy potential candidate expectations, and demonstrate their skill as the front-line representative of a company, thereby increasing hiring success likelihood, producing external candidate loyalty, and meeting both federal and internal corporate policies.


Thomas M. Eaton, Ed.D, Eastern Wyoming College


What Is the Relationship Between Human Resources and Communication and Why Does It Matter?

• HR is Not Recruiting: But Then, Sometimes We Are

• We Aren't Government, We Aren't Corporate - How to Engage Positive Policy

• Don't Blame Me, Candidates Writing Gentle Correspondence via Template Speed

• Quick Review: Becoming a Denial Diplomat Through Language

Too Many Expectations: Not Enough Time - the Communication Template

• Writing With Sensitivity - 10 Sentence Patterns to Choose From

• Simplifying Policy Rhetoric - Change Approach, Not Meaning -- Through Writing

• Building a Quick-Response Template Through Patterning

• Communicate in Volume - Loyalty in a Word or Phrase

Transsocial Grammar as the HR Stress Relief - Talk to People; Not Policy

• Understanding Internal and External Communication Expectations

The Distance Law in Grammar- Appropriate Language at Appropriate Occasions: Taking Tone

• The Center of the Universe Law in Transsocial Grammar: The HR Perspective: Conclusions and Considerations