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Workers' Compensation and Mental Health Claims

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Learn tips and tricks that can be applied to business practices in an effort to prevent problematic mental health work injuries from arising.This topic is intended to provide you with information for properly handling mental health claims in workers' compensation. The material will address numerous legal topics including what psychological injuries and illnesses can be claimed, psychological injuries connected to workplace accidents, benefits available in mental health injuries cases, the roles of the workers' compensation adjuster, nurse case manager, employer representative and attorney, as well as best practices for return-to-work situations. It will discuss examples and various case studies. This material will provide you with practical guidance, tactics and tips that can be applied to daily business practices in an effort to prevent problematic mental health work injuries from arising but also to aggressively manage these challenging claims in the most cost effective manner possible.


Delia A. Clark, Rawle & Henderson LLP Zachary M. Rubinich, Rawle & Henderson LLP


What Mental Health Injuries Can Be Claimed

• Definitions

• Perception of Mental Health Injuries

Mental Health Injuries Connected to Workplace Accidents

• Casual Connections

• Occupations

• Objective vs. Subjective Experience

• Traumatic Events

Available Benefits for Mental Health Injuries

• Wage Loss

• Medical

Roles of Workers' Compensation Professionals

• Claims Adjuster

• Nurse Case Manager

• Employer Representative

• Attorney

Evidentiary Issues

• Evaluation of Medical Records and Opinions

• Documentation of Recovery Process

• Use of Experts

• Social Media and Surveillance Issues

Return-to-Work Scenarios

• Accommodations for Mental Health Injury or Illnesses

Settlement Negotiations

• Determining the Value of the Claim

• When Is the Right Time to Settle

• Lump Sum vs. Structured Settlement

• Medical Lien Issues

• Medicare Set-Aside Trust Considerations

Case Studies